Post-Valentine Looks to Try

The month of love is not yet over so why not shower yourselves with trendy pieces to keep the romance burning. Feel great and worthy with this selection:

1. Go casual and sexy with maxi dress. Long flowy dresses can be reallt cool and if you will go for sleeveless, you’ll feel fresher.

2. Explore the goodness of flat shoes. They can be a real foot saver! Look for posh and practical shoes for everyday wear.

3. Pick accessories with brighter colors. Earrings and bracelets can be real eye-candy if you mix and match them well.

4. Put on shimmering and dazzling makeup to keep that happy and lively vibe!

Maxi Dress and Flats

Maxi Dress and Flats



  1. I’d love to wear maxi dresses. The problem is, I’m quite short and I’ll look shorter wearing one.. :( I just wish I had long legs so I’d have no problem wearing longer dresses.

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